Coaching youth football offense playsCoaching youth football offense plays is a lot like herding cats at night with dogs chasing them.  I definitely prefer coaching youth football defense because I am not very patient.  I really must work on my patience when installing a youth pee wee football offense.  The key to installing your youth offense is organization so the players do not get bored and stay focused.

For youth football players in grades 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades I prefer to install power running offenses with good play action passing attacks with the TE, WB or Slots as the key receivers.  I do this because the passing completion percentages in youth football are very low, unless you get a prodigy QB that can throw like John Elway and a receiver that can catch like Jerry Rice.  I had that combo in a 2nd grade flag team once and we score 40 TDs in 8 games and allowed zero points defensively.  It was a great season, but one that has been hard to repeat.

When I am coaching youth football offense plays, I prefer running sweeps over passing and off-tackle plays with an unbalanced power line when I have a power tail back.  If you have average speed and size then you probably want to consider running single wing type plays to overload one side of the defense.

My favorite youth football offense plays are:

  1. Single Wing Off-tackle
  2. Double Wing Counter
  3. Off Set I Power Sweep
  4. Jumbo Sweep
  5. Double Wing Wedge
  6. Double Wing TE Pop Pass
  7. Wide Double Wing (Spread) Jet Sweep
  8. Split Backs Cross Buck
  9. Power I Cut Back Gut Dive
  10. Power I Off Tackle

What are some of your favorite youth football offensive plays?

Check out my ten favorite youth football plays on my blog.

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